On Saturday March 2, 2019 #LetsPaintHim made its way to Manassas, VA for the 1st time and we must say..It just may be one of our very BEST shows to date! Not just because Manassas is my hometown and there were familiar faces in the building…But because of the ambience…The DJ…The entertainment…The drinks…& of the course the LADIES. The location was just PERFECT once we were able to spread out and enjoy the entire restaurant after the nosy couple left…LoL Once they left…The staff pulled down the curtains and it was ON! THANK yall for your patience! Our LPH DJ Cheeks kept the soundtrack exactly where we needed it be to keep the vibe going…Including the twerk session! Lets just say our LPH Model #TheDCPain did NOT come to play with Manassas.

#LetsPaintHimVA MANASSAS Dessert Bar featured an endless option of treats such as Red Velvet & Strawberry INFUSED (Titos & Crown Royal Vanilla) Cupcakes, Brownie Bites w Cream Cheese Icing, Strawberry Shortcake Minis, Apply Pie Minis, an Assortment of Cookies, Brownies and more provided by Thomas Family Cooking. Lets not forget about the wing dinners!

After the 1st session of our #SipAndPaint or shall I say #SipAndStroke…We turned up the HEAT! #TheDCPain changed his gear and was ready to RIDE! The faces on the LPH Ladies were absolutely PRICELESS!

As the painting process began some could barely paint. LoL The attention is definitely not on the canvas with all that was going on in the room. Ladies were there to have FUN and thats exactly what we did! Even after all the action…Some were able to create some DOPE LPH MASTERPIECES!

Our FAV part of the entire event is the LPH ENTERTAINMENT! When LPH Model #TheDCPain puts in that WERK & does what he does BEST…ENTERTAIN!

He RODE, flipped, dipped and humped those ladies all around that floor. We had more BDays than we have ever before…It was the Pisces BDay but Scorpios…Cancers and a few others wanted some action so they all got to celebrate with some special treatment too. SO MUCH FUN!

Following the #SipAndPaint there was a brief LPH Afterparty of nothing but Ladies dancing and havin a good time.

A NO JUDGEMENT ZONE OF PURE ADULT MATURE FUN & SO MANY LAUGHS…The looks on everyone’s face is always PRICELESS cause #LetsPaintHim is an EXPERIENCE! An EXPERIENCE that can’t be explained…You simply have to see for yourself. THANKS MANASSAS!


I would like to personally THANK any and EVERYONE that assisted in making this a successful event!  THANKS to EVERYONE who purchased a ticket, shared our flyers, communicated about the event etc.


My FRIENDS & FAM that came out to SUPPORT and have a good time. Believe me…Your presence did NOT go unnoticed & I am FOREVER GRATEFUL!

Renee…Niecey…Samantha Jackson…Chari…Patrice…Danielle…Shamika…Tonya…Getta…Angie…Keya…LuLu…Daisha…Latisha & Porsha!

THANKS a milli to Ebony…Briona & Diamond for their assistance. My Mom for the food and my Auntie for always holdin it down!

THANKS to the staff at the restaurant and my FAV NIkki! She may have had more fun than we did…LoL

Our LPH Model #TheDCPain

Our LPH DJ…DJ Cheeks who provided the DOPE music soundtrack for the night!

Our Resident LPH Photographer Dymond of Stellar Life Photography!

Thomas Family Cooking for our LPH Dessert Bar!

If you attended the event and would like to receive the more mature pics…Email us.

JOIN US FOR #LetsPaintHimVA MANASSAS PT 2 4.13.19


Tamiko Thomas