[EVENT RECAP] #LetsPaintHimATL 1.26.19

#LetsPaintHim traveled to the A for #LetsPaintHimATL Jan 26. The ATL Ladies came out and had a FAB time.

Of course…NO event goes off without a few hiccups and ATL presented its fair share. From the venue double booking events and LPH potentially being cancelled…To scrambling to even get set up in the location and contact all the women because we had to push the time back…One waiter for 60 ladies etc etc…I could go on but needless to say…We went with the flow of the event.

Once the event began…Our LPH Model #TheDCPain made everything A OK…

Several ladies were celebrating BDays and there were a few LPH Girl Squads having an ATL Ladies Night Out. By the end of the night…LPH MASTERPIECES were created and it was DEF an EXPERIENCE!

Even with the obstacles presented…#LetsPaintHimATL was a SUCCESS!

We appreciate your SUPPORT Atlanta…See ya this Summer for Rd 2!

Tamiko Thomas