[EVENT RECAP] #LetsPaintHimDC Dec 12.15.18

On Saturday, December 15, 2018 #LetsPaintHimDC Dec took place at a nice upscale location that provided the LPH Ladies with a comfortable chic atmosphere and a fab time.


The night began with a mix and mingle session as the LPH Ladies drank, ate and enjoyed some hookah as our LPH DJ for the night provided the DOPE soundtrack for the night. The LPH Dessert Bar included Red Velvet & Strawberry Supreme Cupcakes with Mini Cherry Pie Desserts, Cookies and more.

Once our LPH Model #TheDCPain made his entrance the REAL fun began. As Pain made his rounds…The LPH Ladies began to sketch and paint their LPH MASTERPIECES. Our JR Artists tapped into their creativity and do it FAB job with their canvases.

Pain returned and was ready to go to WORK like he was on a construction site! Several LPH Ladies received a special experience as they were banged like a hammer, flipped, whipped, lifted and a few other positions.

ADULT MATURE FUN & SO MANY LAUGHS…The looks on everyone’s face is always PRICELESS cause #LetsPaintHim is an EXPERIENCE!


I would like to personally THANK any and EVERYONE that assisted in making this a successful event!  THANKS to EVERYONE who purchased a ticket, shared our flyers, communicated about the event etc.


THANKS a milli to Patricia…Briona & Diamond for their assistance.

Our LPH Model #TheDCPain

Our LPH DJ…DJ Nina Madina who provided the DOPE music soundtrack for the night!

Our Resident LPH Photographer Dymond of Stellar Life Photography!

Thomas Family Cooking for our LPH Dessert Bar!

If you attended the event and would like to receive the more mature pics…Email us.

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Tamiko Thomas