[EVENT RECAP] #LetsPaintHimDC | 7.14.18

LPH DC Model Black Stone

LPH DC Model Black Stone

On July 14, 2018 #LetsPaintHimDC delivered it’s first installment of a fun, fabulous series of events.  Even with all the challenges that were presented…The event overall was a GREAT experience!

As the ladies arrived the venue scrambled to keep up. LoL  I can laugh now but I thought I was going to have to start cooking and making drinks.  LOL  THANKS to all the ladies for their patience!

The event was hosted by Tamiko T  and featured a LPH DC Small Bites menu, LPH Signature Cocktails such as LPH Strawberry Hennessey & Strawberry Tito’s as well as hookah.

It seemed as if it took the model FOREVER to come out…BUT…Once he came out…He did NOT disappoint.

Our LPH DC male model Black Stone mingled with the crowd as the ladies sketched and attempted in painting their version of Black Stone.

While wrapping up the event...The ladies enjoyed Infuzionz Dessertz infused cupcakes and several ladies were presented with gift bags and special giveaways for their BDay groups. 

The ladies work was very impressive.  Some of their finished products were worth hanging for admiration.  LoL  Check out a few canvases from #LetsPaintHimDC


I would like to personally THANK any and EVERYONE that assisted in making this a successful SOLD OUT event!  THANKS to EVERYONE who purchased a ticket, shared our flyers etc.


Tierra…Michael…My Auntie…Sam and a few others who held me down for the day.  Couldn’t have done it without yall.

Black Stone…I appreciate you & so do the ladies…THANKS again!

Dymond Scoby & Stellar Life Photography…These pics speak for themselves!

Shihnara Dunlap & Infuzionz Dessertz for providing those FAB infused cupcakes that the ladies couldn’t stop raving about. 

My Momma…JUST BECAUSE…OH…& for the brownies and cookies she provided!


Sheryl for orchestrating her AMAZING party of SEVENTEEN (17) LADIES for Cassandra’s BDay! 

Denisha for orchestrating her party of 8 Ladies for (Barbara) Queen B’s BDay!

Tiara for her party of 7 Ladies for her BDay!

Kimberly and her party of 5…I appreciate you all and your feedback!

There were a few other parties of 4 & 5 and every single other lady…I would like to personally THANK YOU!

& also…My personal friends for their support!  Akiba…Getta…Samantha…Katie…Denise…Nia…


SAVE THE DATE 8.18.18…We are now planning Pt 2 and looking forward to working out the kinks and making this one an even better experience.  Tell a friend…Spread the word!  EARLY BIRD TICS AVAILABLE NOW!  #LetsPaintHimDC

If you attended the event and would like to receive the more mature pics…Please contact us via email LetsPaintHim@gmail.com

Tamiko Thomas