[EVENT RECAP] #LetsPaintHimDC NOV 11.17.18


On Saturday November 17, 2018 #LetsPaintHimDC NOV took place for yet another ADVENTURE…To say the least…

We will have to admit that this event did not go off as planned as the location presented us with several obstacles. As the event began…Our LPH Team scrambled to assist the location with set up only to discover there was not enough seating for all of our LPH Ladies…One bartender etc etc. UGHHHH! We stressed and worked tirelessly to get everyone seated…BUT…Unfortunately…That just wasn’t enough…The mood of frustration lingered in the HOT air. Once things FINALLY settled down and LPH Models made their grand entrance…ALL worries went out the window and the ADULT FUN ensued!

Due to the overwhelming response from our 100 LPH Ladies we decided to feature TWO LPH Models…Our Resident LPH Model #TheDCPain & newcomer to LPH…#Suave! They conquered two separate floors of the location while entertaining individually and together! The LPH Girl Squads set the floors on FIRE with continuous SCREAMS…LAUGHS…& PRICELESS looks as they celebrated BDays…Ladies Night Out or just some good ol ADULT FUN!

Even with all the issues that we faced…The LPH Ladies thoroughly enjoyed themselves (With a few understandable exceptions) and created some DOPE LPH Masterpieces as they enjoyed our LPH Dessert Bar.

We truly appreciate all the support from EVERYONE who has purchased a ticket and supported LPH. After the disaster we experienced for this event…We are working hard to iron out even more kinks that present us to provide ALL of our attendees with nothing less than a fabulous LPH EXPERIENCE!



I would like to personally THANK any and EVERYONE that assisted in making this a successful event!  THANKS to EVERYONE who purchased a ticket, shared our flyers, communicated about the event etc.


THANKS a milli TIMES infinity to my right hand Patricia and my Auntie! What would I do without you?!

Our LPH Models #TheDCPain & #Suave

Our LPH DJ…DJ Cheeks who provided the DOPE music soundtrack for the night!

Our Resident LPH Photographer Dymond of Stellar Life Photography!

Thomas Family Cooking for our LPH Dessert Bar!

If you attended the event and would like to receive the more mature pics…Email us.

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Tamiko Thomas